Born on April 2 in Atsugi city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiho moved to her parent’s home town Yokote city, Akita Prefecture at age 5.

Playing various instruments during her childhood, she learned the power of music; how music can help overcome fears, soothe, and give positive energy to people.
At age 17, Chiho formed a hard rock band, starting out as a drummer. After experiencing playing with many bands, she began playing saxophone at age 27. From then, she has participated in creating 8 albums.
She is self-taught up to this day, which helped her create her own unique sound.
Her distinctive tone and play style led her to perform at the 44th Monterey Jazz Festival 2010, held in Switzerland.
Chiho began her solo career in 2015, playing in countless concerts mainly in Tokyo and Akita prefecture. She has made several guest performances, and has played in numerous events and solo concerts.
In 2016, Chiho met guitarist/producer Gentaro Futatsugi, who helped her create her first solo
CD. Since then, Gentaro has been supporting her by writing and arranging songs and playing guitar.
They have played several concerts in Japan and overseas, ranging from requiems to solo concerts.

"Not classic, not pops, not jazz nor fusion.
Just Chiho singing soulfully through her saxophone."

・July 2010 Performs at the 44th Monterey Jazz Festival . Wins a prize from Akita prefecture (her home town) for contributing to giving a good image of the prefecture.
・2011 〜 Created a project to support the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and played concerts at the disaster sites using only bio-electricity.
・March 2014 Moves to Tokyo, playing constantly in both Akita and Tokyo.
・March 2015 Starts her solo career
・September 2016   Releases her first solo CD”Night of Snow 〜 Wherever you are 〜”.
・December 2016 Performs in Beijing and Belarus (Nesvizh Castle、Khatyn memorial complex、Medical University Minsk、e.t.c)
・February 2017   Performs in Belarus(Requiem performances at Gomel, Betka, and Gromyko (areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster)、Mir Castle、and Afghanistan War Memorial、and a guest performance at an international concert held in Minsk Concert Hall)


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■ Guest performance at Belarus State Philharmonic Hall